Best Bucket List Sporting Events

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There isn't anything better than seeing a sporting event live. Almost every fan has a stadium, venue or an event they need to see. Elite Sports Tours specializes in helping fans cross stadiums and sporting events off their bucket lists.

Building your own personal bucket list is important to many sports fans. This is where we are here to help! We compiled some of the greatest sporting events that fans should have on their bucket list. Take a read and see if any of these historic and prestigious sporting events are on your own bucket list! 

Kentucky Derby


Deemed “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports”, the Kentucky Derby is the first leg of the Triple Crown and takes place at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky annually. Over 150,000 people every year show up to the track in their fancy clothes and hats and take in all the festivities at Churchill Downs. With traditions dating back to the 1800’s including the famous mint julep alcoholic beverage and the Call to the Post, this is truly one of the most unique sporting events in the world. Whether you’re a horse racing fan or not, The Run for the Roses sure needs to be on your bucket list of sporting events you must see live.


The battle for North America's oldest professional sports trophy is a live sporting event that never disappoints. Considered one of the hardest trophies to win in team sports, the Stanley Cup Finals is a battle on ice. With the high pace game and so much on the line, it provides an unbelievable atmosphere in the stands for fans of either team. If you are lucky enough to attend the Stanley Cup clinching game, you have to stick around your seats as you will be treated to the celebration on the ice featuring the winning team. Even if your team isn't vying for Lord Stanley's Cup, this is an unbelieveable sporting event that should be on every hockey fan's bucket list. 

Stanley Cup
Wimbledon Tennis


Wimbledon is the oldest and most prestigious Tennis tournament in the world, being held at the All England Club dating back to 1877. Wimbledon has many great traditions that make it special including a strict all-white dress code for the players, as well as in an advertising dominated world you will notice there are no sponsors around the courts, except for Rolex. Tennis fan or not, the history and elegance of Wimbledon will not disappoint you. Seeing a professional tennis match live gives you a understanding how good the best players in the world really are, so why not see the best at the best tournament? 


Whether it's Summer or Winter, the Olympic Games are a bucket list trip for sports fans around the world. The games are held every four years in different cities around the world which helps make it a very attractive tourist event. If you head to the Summer Olympics you will get to see the world’s best athletes compete in events like 100m Sprint, High Jump, Swimming and much more. If you prefer Winter Olympics you will catch the following but not limited to Hockey, Skiing, Skating, and Bobsleigh, just to name a few. Seeing the world's greatest athletes in multiple events in one city is something that can only happen every four years at the Olympic games! 

Olympic Games
World Series


The FIFA World Cup is the international soccer competition that crowns the top soccer nation in the world. For one full month, every four years, the world stops everything they're doing to see the top 32 soccer nations compete for the crown. The tournament is one of, if not the most popular sporting event across the planet.  If you get the chance to ever go to a World Cup you will be treated to one of sport’s greatest spectacles. Seeing all the different flags and hearing the different chants while watching the best soccer players represent their country is a unique event that can only happen at the World Cup! 


The Big Game has been a tradition like no other since 1967, featuring the champions from the NFC and AFC the Super Bowl is played in various host cities across the NFL on the first Sunday of February. Over 600,000 people per year attend Super Bowl festivities in the host cities, with many more watching the games from Super Bowl parties across the world. Getting to the game its self is one of the hottest tickets in all over sports, with the average price of a super ticket being just over $5,700 dollars the last five years. Attending the Super Bowl live is on the top of many sports fans bucket lists and for good reason.

Super Bowl
The Masters


The Masters is golf’s most prestigious and historic event. One of the great traditions in sports is to see which golfer is going to put on the Green Jacket on an April Sunday evening in Augusta, Georgia. Unlike golf's other Major Championships the Masters are played at the same location every year, Augusta National Golf Club. The course is part of what makes the tournament so special and such a hot tourist spot for golf and sports fanatics. It isn’t easy obtaining a ticket to the Masters, though if you do, a Sunday ticket could very well be the best live event in sports.