Where To Eat In Columbus?

Where to Eat In Columbus - Milestone 229

Milestone 229 is a contemporary restaurant located in Bicentennial Park - a 4.66-acre space in Downtown Columbus. Bicentennial Park is on the Scioto Mile - an urban oasis on the Columbus riverfront - so you can expect to take in some incredible views when visiting Milestone 229.

Where to Eat In Columbus - Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace

Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace is a hot dog lovers paradise. They’ve been open for over a decade now, or as they put it themselves, they’ve been “stuffing wieners in faces since 2009”!

Where to Eat In Columbus - The Thurman Café

The Thurman Cafe is one of Columbus’ most popular restaurants. Considered by many to be the home of the best burgers in the United States, The Thurman Cafe was founded by Nick Suclescy and it has remained a family-owned bar and café ever since - staying true to its roots along the way!

Where to Eat In Columbus - R Bar Arena

The R Bar Arena is located in the heart of Columbus' Arena District. Fully committed to hockey, the R Bar Arena is actually an official partner of the Columbus Blue Jackets!

Where to Eat In Columbus - Schmidt’s Sausage Haus und Restaurant

Schmidt’s Sausage Haus und Restaurant is a legendary Columbus eatery dating all the way back to 1886. The story of Schmidt’s Sausage Haus und Restaurant begins with German-born Fred Schmidt. 

Where to Eat In Columbus - Basi Italia

With an underwhelming, house-like exterior, it would be easy to walk past Basi Italia and not think twice about it. However, this intimate restaurant is one of the hidden gems of Columbus.