Where To Eat In Detroit?

Where to Eat In Detroit - Harry's Detroit

Whether it's for the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons or Detroit Lions, Harry's is the best spot for pre or post-game! 

Where to Eat In Detroit - Buddy's Pizza

No trip to Detroit is complete without trying some Detroit-style pizza. Buddy’s Pizza has been serving up the original Detroit-style pizza since opening their doors at the first location at the corner of Six Mile (McNichols Road) and Conant Street in 1946. Obviously, being open for 70+ years comes with deep history, but Buddy’s has been doing it the same way ever since they opened. The only difference now is that it’s no longer a prohibition hideout as it was back in the 30’s.

Where to Eat In Detroit - Lafayette Coney Island vs. American Coney Island

These two coney island hot dog institutions have been competing with each other for over 100 years.