Where To Eat In Portland - Spirit of '77

Where to eat in Portland - Spirit of '77

The Spirit of ’77 is a hip and open bar in Downtown Portland built for the sporting enthusiast. Named after Bill Walton’s 1977 championship run with the Portland Trail Blazers, this industrial space is complete with a modern, industrial design with exposed piping and an indoor bike rack. Serving upscale bar food, craft beers and cocktails, the Spirit of ’77 has been a favorite for locals since it was established in 2010. With a huge screen measuring 16 feet by 9 feet and offering arcade games such as buzzer beater basketball, foosball, skee-ball and pin-ball,  the fun never stops at the Spirit of ’77.

Where to Eat In Portland - Spirit of ‘77

Just blocks away from the Rose Quarter, a 30-acre sports and entertainment district located in Portland's Lloyd District, the Spirit of ’77 is only a 10 minute walk from the Moda Center, making it the perfect choice for a pre-or post-game pint. They offer twelve draft beers with even more cans and bottles available to pair with their menu of wines and cocktails. Their food, as they describe it, is “delicious stoner food”. We call it classic bar food with a Portland flare. They offer a wide range of shareables, which are a great way to start your meal, as well as salads, sandwiches and “snacks”, a perfect lighter meal for before tip-off. Pre-game we recommend that you try their popular Fish Tacos, served street style. They are delicious and fulfilling while still leaving room for more drinks. Their Italian Grinder, classically served with a bag of chips, is great for a more filling, after the game meal. Spirit of ’77 also serves brunch on the weekends throughout the fall!

Spirit of ‘77- Portland
Spirit of ‘77 - Portland
Spirit of ‘77 - Portland

With such a fun sports bar comes loads of press and great reviews, including reviews from Bill Simmons of ESPN and Playboy! Esquire called Spirit of ‘77 the “inspired re-imagining of the American sports bar” in its 2011 write-up of the Best Bars in America. There is a sense of community at Spirit of ’77 and we highly recommend that you stop by to check it out for yourself the next time that you are in Portland!

When considering where to eat in Portland try Spirit of '77! A great spot to visit when traveling to Portland for an Portland Trail Blazers game at Modo Center!

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