Where To Eat In Toronto?

Where To Eat In Toronto - Blueblood Steakhouse

Located inside of Casa Loma, Canada’s majestic castle and one of Toronto’s premier historic attractions, Blue Blood Steakhouse is a must visit for any meat lover. Being in midtown Toronto, both Casa Loma and Blue Blood Steakhouse are easily accessible via public transit. 

Where To Eat In Toronto - RS - Real Sports

Real Sports, or RS, has become famous for being the biggest and best sports bar in Toronto. Located in the heart of the city, just steps away from Scotiabank Arena and down the street from the Rogers Centre, it is easy to see why ESPN named it the #1 Sports Bar in the world! 

Where To Eat In Toronto - The Loose Moose Restaurant & Bar

As they put it themselves, The Loose Moose is “one bar with two different stories”. Located in downtown Toronto, just outside of Union Station and only a short walk away from both the Rogers Centre and Scotiabank Arena, the Loose Moose is a great place to go either pre-or-post-game for either the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors or the Toronto Blue Jays!