How to get around in Philadelphia?

How To Get Around In Philadelphia?

What are the best ways to get around in Philadelphia?

How to get around in Philadelphia? One of the most common question when traveling to a new city. Figuring out how to get around efficiently and cost effectively is important when traveling to a new city. Visiting a new city can be a ton of fun, but pricey if you don't know your way around. We have created a list of some of the most popular transportation options available in Philadelphia during your sports trip. Plan the ultimate trip with the help of our travel experts and don't get caught unprepared when traveling to a new city!

How to get around in Philadelphia

Much of the city as well as it’s attractions are very pedestrian friendly. This is why year after year, Philadelphia is rated as one of the top walking cities in America. Streets in Philly’s Center City are organized in a grid-pattern, making the streets very easy to master, spanning across 25 blocks between the city’s two rivers. North and South streets are numbered, and east and west streets are named after trees (e.g. Walnut, Spruce, Pine).

Colorful directional signage can be found throughout Center City, supplemented with community service representatives who act as the city’s goodwill ambassadors (in teal uniforms), answering any questions you may have about the city. These CSRs are also first aid certified and can stay in radio contact with Philadelphia police to ensure public safety.

How to get around in Philadelphia?

Here is a list of options on how to get around in Philadelphia:

  • Bus
    • Philly PHLASH Downtown Loop - This is the BEST way to see Philly’s top attractions
      • Single ride: $2, All day pass: $5, 2-day pass: $7
      • Makes stop at nearly all tourist attractions as well as some shopping locations

  • Bike - Philadelphia is home to hundreds of miles of bike lanes and trails, making it one of the most bike-friendly cities in the US.
    • Indego - Philly’s city-wide bikesharing porogram. Starts at $4 per ride.

  • Public Transport - SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority)
    • System of buses, trolleys, subways and a commuter rail with lines throughout the entire city. Some of SEPTAs more important lines:
      • Broad Street Line (Orange Line) - Runs through the middle of Center City making it ideal for anyone looking to explore the heart of Philly. Also great for late night commutes for those enjoying the city’s nightlife.
      • Market-Frankford Line (Blue Line) - Runs along Market Street from Frankford Transportation Center up to the 69th Street Transportation Center. This line is good to get between campuses and other public institutions in the neighbourhoods of University City, Market East, Old City and Northern Liberties
      • Norristown High Speed Line (Purple Line) - This line is good for servicing the northwestern neighbourhoods of Philly.
      • Regional Rail - This system is an extensive commuter train service that stops at nearly every neighbourhood in Philadelphia and further. This is great for those looking to travel longer distances within and outside of the Philly area.
      • Trolley Lines (Green Line) - This line connects and serves the Northern and Western neighborhoods of Philadelphia.

  • Rideshare
    • Uber
    • Lyft

  • Car Rental
    • Elite Sports Tours can assist you with a car rental reservation during your trip. One of the more efficient ways to get around without racking up huge fees.

  • Taxis
    • Can be difficult to hail on the street, best to get one at a hotel.

These are some of the best transportation options when trying to figure out how to get around in Philadelphia.

Airport (PHL) to Downtown Philadelphia?

# of Major Philadelphia Airports: 1


  1. Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)


How to get to and from PHL

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is the primary airport serving Philadelphia. PHL is the largest airport in Pennsylvania and it is the 20th busiest airport in the United States serving 31.7 million passengers annually acting as a primary Northeast European gateway.


PHL is located in Philadelphia, only 8 miles and a 15 minute drive from Center City. If you are flying in for a Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Flyers or Philadelphia 76ers game be sure to give yourself some extra time, traffic around any major airport can be unpredictable and you don’t want to risk being late to the game! 


Below are your best available options for how to get to Center City Philadelphia from PHL so you can start your sports getaway!


  • SEPTA Train: The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) provides train service between Center City and PHL via the Airport Regional Rail Line. These trains run every 30 minutes and operate from 5:07 am to 12:30 am. PHL offers multiple SEPTA stations for the Airport Regional Rail Line. Stations can be found at Terminal E/F, Terminal C/D, Terminal B and east of Terminal A. The one-way fare to Center City is $6.75 USD. You can buy your one-way fare at the fare kiosk located at each terminal platform stop.  With this option it takes only 16 minutes to get downtown. 


  • Public Transit: PHL is served by three SEPTA bus routes. A single-ride fare is $2.50 USD. The routes servicing PHL can all be found at Zone 1 of the Arrivals Road outside of baggage claim. The routes are as follows:
    • Route 37 to/from South Philadelphia and Chester, Pa.
    • Route 108 to/from 69th Street Transportation Center
    • Route 115 to/from Suburban Square in Ardmore.


  • Taxi: Cabs are readily available at PHL and can be accessed at Zone 5 on the Commercial Transportation Roadway. Taxis charge a $28.50 USD flat-rate charge for a one-way fare to Center City Philadelphia with an additional $1.00 USD being charged per passenger after the first passenger. All taxis accept credit cards and for only a 15 minute drive without traffic, taking a cab isn’t a bad option.


  • Shuttle, Sedan and Limo Service: A number of shuttle, sedan and limousine services pick-up from PHL. To reserve your ride just visit the Ground Transportation Information desk located in each baggage claim area. Here the Ground Transportation Information representative will contact a provider for you and alert you once your ride arrives. You’ll find your driver at either Zone 6 or at Zone 7 on the Commercial Transportation Roadway depending on your level of service. Your rate will also depend on your level of service with shared shuttles starting at $35 USD. 


  • Rental Car: Be sure to ask your Elite Sports Tours representative to secure a rental car for you before your trip! PHL offers a number of car rental facilities. There are frequent free shuttles between all bag claims and each rental car facility.  All rental car shuttles pick-up from Zone 9 on the South Commercial Road. Available car retail providers include Budget, Enterprise and Hertz, among many others. The cost of your rental car will vary on the length of your trip and your car selection.


  • Ride Sharing: Uber, Lyft and Wingz all service Lyft. The cost of your ride depends on a number of factors so we always recommend checking the estimated price of your ride against other transportation options. Ride Share pick up is located on the Arrivals Road in the outer lanes.


  • Airport Shuttles: Be sure to ask your Elite Sports Tours representative about your hotel’s shuttle service, if applicable. Pick-up times can be coordinated by communicating your flight information with your hotel. Hotel shuttles pick up from Zone 4. 


To get to Center City Philadelphia we recommend taking the SEPTA Train via the Airport Regional Rail Line. This option isn’t only inexpensive, but it is easy and efficient. You don’t have to be worried about getting stuck in traffic. A ride on the SEPTA to Center City is always 16 minutes long and it only costs $6.75 USD. What’s there not to like?

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